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Car Cure provides you with one repair every 3 months, for any scratches or dents on the body of your vehicle. All repairs are guaranteed for 3 years. See our T&C’s for more information.
In partnership with Streamline, Car Cure helps you maintain the exterior and paintwork of your car, including general wear and tear from day-to-day driving. Car Cure will complete any repairs smaller than 15cm in length to the maximum value of R3000 (incl. vat) once every 3 months. Any scratches, dents and chips are eligible for repair even if they were there before you signed up for Car Cure, so long as they fall within our standard T&C’s. You can find out more about this here.
Download and print the Car Cure measurement tool here. Use the tool to determine if the damage falls within our guidelines. Take photos of the damage with the measurement tool and follow the steps below to book a repair.
Once you have taken photos with the measurement tool, call us, E-mail us or book online.
  1. The number to call is 0861 188 8282
  2. The E-mail address is support@carcure.co.za
  3. To book online Click Here
Print the measurement tool on an A4 page and cut out the target with a pair of scissors. Place the target over the damaged area on your car, the paper will need to be flush with the body of the car. If any piece of the damage protrudes out from under the target, your car may not be eligible for repair, but do try book if you are unsure. Take photos of the target over the damage as well as a photo of the target next to the damaged area and book your repair.
The maximum value for a repair is R3 000 and you can request new repairs once every 3 months. Repairs exceeding R3000 do not qualify and missing a 3-month period does not result in accumulated benefits.
Immediately. There is no waiting period before you can book a repair.
As long as it meets our T&Cs, yes you can!
We will always do our best to assist you in getting your car repaired, however, one of the conditions of Car Cure is that a scratch may not exceed 15 cm in length. If one condition is violated, your car may not be eligible for a Car Cure repair.
No. You must use Car Cure’s nationwide network of specialists which offer a 3-year guarantee on all repairs. We also have mobile repair units available in specific areas for your convenience. You won’t be disappointed by the superior workmanship and wide network coverage.
We pride ourselves on excellence which is why we offer a 3-year guarantee. When you receive your vehicle back from repairs, please check the work done and if you aren’t happy let us know. Our guarantee on workmanship will take care of the rest.
No. The number of repairs does not impact the monthly fee.